Logo Editing
Customizing Your Elemental Logo

The following is a step by step guide to customizing your Elemental logo image by replacing the logo text and reflection text with your own organization or company's name and logo.

In order to utilize the Fireworks Source PNG included with the Elemental template release, you will need Adobe Fireworks. The 30-day free trial of this software as well as more information is available here at the Adobe website.

Customizing Your Logo

One of the first steps of customizing your new Elemental template will undoubtedly be altering the logo text to reflect the name of your company / organization. RocketTheme makes this process a simple one by including both the Source PNG for the template, as well as logo blanks.

The most effective way to customize the logo is to use the included Source PNG file. When opened in Adobe Fireworks, this file contains all of the Layers in the design allowing you to tweak and change any of the image elements of the template design. The following steps will help you quickly get your new logo ready to go:

  • First, open the main Source PNG file in Adobe Fireworks (elemental_source.png). With the pointer tool, double click on the logo area in the top left of the layout. This will cause a cursor to appear, in which you can highlight the existing text and replace with your own. (The slices may be on by default, obscuring the logo area so that you can not select it. You can hide the web layer slices for now by clicking the "eye" icon to the left of "Web Layers" in the right hand "Layers" panel).
  • In Elemental, the logo text consists of two text elements, the top main logo text and the bottom reflection text. First, you will want select the top text with the Pointer Tool, double click the text area so that a cursor appears. Highlight the "Elemental" text and replace with your desired logo text.

    Logo editing

    Logo editing

    Next, use the Pointer Tool to select the bottom reflection text layer, double click the text area so that a cursor appears. Highlight the "Elemental" text and replace with the same text you used in the logo text above it.

    Logo editing

    Logo editing

  • Once you have replaced the text in the logo area and are happy with the result, it is time to export the slice and replace the existing logo image in the template with your new one. Turn your Web Layer slices back on (click the empty box to the left of "Web Layers" in the right hand "Layers" panel causing an eye icon to appear), this will cause all of the slices to become visible (represented by green coloured squares).
  • With the pointer, click on the slice on top of the logo area so that it is selected (a crosshair will appear in the center and the name "header-logo: PNG" will appear when selected). Right click on the slice and select the menu option "Export Selected Slice" and save into your rt_elemental/images/primary/color folder replacing the existing "header-logo.png" with your new "header-logo.png".

    Logo editing
If you don't have Adobe Fireworks, you can easily change the logo by using one of the included Logo Blanks and putting your custom text and logo on top of the image and saving as "header-logo.png". There are Logo Blanks for each color style included in the Source PNG .zip archive that contain the background imagery of the logo area, without any text or logo elements.